Enhance Chatfuel With AI

Janis enables Chatfuel bot makers to benefit from Dialogflow, conversational AI from Google and the same AI used by leading brands including, Dominos Pizza, Ticketmaster, and KLM Airlines. Janis makes Dialogflow more accessible to marketers and small businesses by making it easy to integrate with Chatfuel.

There are two ways to connect Chatfuel bot to Dialogflow. Our AI Starter Kit includes pre-trained AI, Chatfuel templates and an easy way to test your Dialogflow connection. Otherwise you can do a custom integration in a few simple steps.

Option 1: Starter Kit

Janis will install AI for you to Dialogflow and provide you with a Chatfuel template that makes it easy to connect and start building AI-enhanced Chatfuel bots.

Starter Kit

Option 2: Custom Integration

Connect a Dialogflow agent to Janis and connect a Chatfuel bot to Janis in a few simple steps. We'll give you a URL you can add to a JSON API so you can relay all user input to Dialogflow.

Custom Integration