Enhance Chatfuel With AI

Integrate leading AI from Google with Chatfuel to understand the messages users send, build smarter flows, and achieve your marketing and support automation goals.

Get a Key from Janis to connect Dialogflow to Chatfuel in a few simple clicks. No technical knowledge is needed. Janis is an AI Assistant that will guide you through the setup, then monitor your Dialogflow connection, alert you of problems, and help you improve your conversational experience. There are two ways to connect Chatfuel to Dialogflow and start benefiting from Dialogflow, but our Dialogflow Starter Kit for Chatfuel makes things easy and helps you benefit immediately:

Option 1: Starter Kit

Use our Chatfuel template that makes it easy to connect and start building AI-enhanced Chatfuel bots. Your bot will immediately understand the most common messages users send chatbots.

Starter Kit

Option 2: Custom Integration

We'll give you a URL you can add to a JSON API so you can relay all user input to Dialogflow.

Custom Integration