Finally, a Dialogflow Course For Marketers

A chatbot without NLP (Natural Language Processing) is like owning a car without an engine! If your chatbot doesn't understand the messages it receives, then your customers will abandon an automated conversation in frustration. Dialogflow from Google is sophisticated NLP used by the world's biggest brands. While other Dialogflow courses focus on the technical aspects of NLP and are geared towards developers, Co-founder Josh Barkin and School of Bots Co-founder Natasha Takahashi have produced this comprehensive Dialogflow course for non-developers.

You'll learn the most important Dialogflow and NLP concepts in simple, relatable terms, so you can delight your customers, boost revenue, and reduce customer service costs with smarter automation.

✅ Get 5+ hours of Dialogflow education and training (40 videos).
✅ Test your knowledge with quizzes at the end of key sections.
✅ Get the Dialogflow template that is used in the course!
✅ A "Statement of Work" template agencies can use in client project agreements.
✅ AI Certification from School of Bots.
✅ A 50% discount code off of any premium Dialogflow template.

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The course is an introduction course for non-technical people. The goal is to make anyone an active participant in AI training. If you're a marketer or small business owner familiar with chatbot tools like Manychat, or Chatfuel, then this is the course you've been looking for. If you're an agency, this course arms you with the knowledge and tools to get more business and earn higher service fees, as well as deliver higher client satisfaction on chatbot project engagements.

If you have never built a chatbot before, that's OK. You'll learn key NLP concepts and you'll launch a chatbot for Facebook without any prior knowledge or experience. If you're already building chatbots for Facebook, or other platforms, you'll see what you've been missing and this will be a game changer for your existing chatbot projects.

We have included a template for agencies that you could use on a project agreement with a client. It sets clear expectations about deliverables for the project for your agency and your client. While you could use it for any chatbot project, it is a template that has been used to secure $100K+ chatbot projects using Dialogflow.

No, it's not required that you use, although there are a number of videos included in the course that show you how to benefit from Dialogflwo with

Janis provides a lot of free blogs and video content, but it's very random. This is 40 hours of video that walk you through the concepts from start to finish. It's much more formal and systematic in helping you not only understand Dialogflow, but how to put it into action and see measurable results.