Pre-trained Dialogflow Agents

You need to train Dialogflow to understand intent and that takes time, quality data, and properly classified data. Benefit immediately with pre-trained Dialogflow agents for sales, marketing, and customer support.

Dialogflow Integrations

Use our Dialogflow template agents with Dialogflow's own native integrations, or any 3rd party chatbot solution with a Dialogflow ES integration.

Starter Kit Free

Understand small talk in 21 different languages, then import additional intents depending on your niche or use-case.

Ecommerce $99

Turn questions into commerce. Understand and respond to messages throughout the entire order lifecycle, from browsing and searching products, adding to cart, payment, shipping, tracking orders, delivery and returns. (English Version)

Restaurants $99

Understand the intent to order food for delivery or pickup, browse and search restaurant menus, as well as enable users to create, change, or cancel reservations. You can also answer common restaurant FAQ. (English Version)

Real Estate $99

Respond to a variety of real estate FAQ from buyers, sellers, renters, financers, or real estate developers. (English Version)

Local Retailer $99

Answer FAQ by a local retailer with a physical location selling product.(English Version)

Local Service $99

Answer FAQ received by a local service business such as a contractor and book appointments. (English Version)

Bookings $49

Automate the process of creating, changing, or cancelling an appointment or reservation. (English Version)

Agency Bundle $199

All of the above Dialogflow templates in one value-priced package for agencies helping other businesses integrate Dialogflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use these templates with any Dialogflow-enabled conversational experience. You don't need to use Janis software as you install the templates directly to Google Dialogflow.

Each template is a collection of Dialogflow Intents and Entities. The responses are default text responses fpr each intent. Edit the responses. You can edit just the text, or redirect the response to a chatbot building tool such as Manychat.

You can engage our team if you need Dialogflow template customization or new template development. Contact Us.

Yes. You are free to edit, publish, re-publish, re-format, enhance, modify, and re-use our templates for an unlimited number of bots. You are not permitted to sell or re-sell this Dialogflow template on its own, or as part of a platform offering. It needs to be incorporated into a chatbot serving end users.

If you have any questions, you can email [email protected].

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