Dialogflow Real Estate Agent

Automate responses for buyers, sellers, renters, and the real estate agencies that serve them. Get just the Dialogflow template, or get a complete toolkit to manage listings from a Google Sheet so you can generate property listings based on input criteria from an end user.

✅ Provided in English (US), but can be translated into 20+ languages.

✅ Get just the Dialogflow agent, or choose the "Toolkit" option which requires a Janis.ai account, a Botsheets account, and a Manychat Pro account.

✅ Includes Intents and Entities for Dialogflow ES. You can connect the Dialogflow agent to any of these channels or any 3rd party bot platform with a Dialogflow ES integration.

✅ You'll be emailed a PDF containing a link to a ZIP file and instructions on how to import the ZIP file to Dialogflow.

Buy Template SEE FAQ

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