Dialogflow Agency Kit

The Agency Kit is a value-priced bundle of all our Dialogflow templates listed below.

Starter Kit

Understand the most common messages users send to businesses in 21 different languages.


Accelerate lead generation and turn questions into commerce. Reduce customer service costs. (English Version)


Process food delivery and pick up orders and help users create, change, or cancel reservations. (English Version)

Real Estate

Understand and respond to a variety of real estate FAQ from buyers, sellers, renters, financers, or real estate developers. (English Version)

Local Retailer

Answer the most common questions received by a local business with a physical location selling product.(English Version)

Local Service

Answer the most common questions received by a local business providing services such as a contractor and book appointments.(English Version)


A simple template for any business to automate the process of creating, changing, or cancelling a booking, appointment or reservation (English Version)

✅ Provided in English (US), but can be translated into 20+ languages.

✅ You'll be emailed a PDF containing a link to a ZIP file and instructions on how to import the ZIP file to Dialogflow.

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