Agency Tools For Integrating Dialogflow

If you're a marketing agency looking to add a new stream of revenue, or you just think that Certified AI Trainer sounds like a cool new job title for your LinkedIn profile, the NLP services business is expected to reach $18 billion by 2025. According to Statista, there is more money in NLP services than in NLP software itself or NLP-enabled hardware like Alexa.

How the Artificial Intelligence template works on Chatfuel

With, you can connect your team, your clients, Facebook customers, even other bots like the Stripe bot so you can monitor your revenues. An AI Agency managed with Janis means you can be more productive while delivering high-value, in-demand services well into the future.

You can use a Slack workspace for your agency for internal team collaboration. but once you collaborate with your client, or want to connect your client's customers on Facebook, then it makes sense to create a separate workspace for you and your client to collaborate.

How the Artificial Intelligence template works on Chatfuel

🔔 Actionable Alerts

You and your clients can set their own alerts and Janis can bring in the right human into the loop at the right time. As an agency, you'll monitor the AI and fix problems fast. Your client can help train AI in the workspace too, but your client will most likely want to get alerts so they can pause AI and take over live to serve their customers. You don't need to even be a Facebook user to get alerts. Janis monitors Facebook conversations and alerts teams of people working in Slack.

💁 Customer Retention

You'll need to train AI, but training AI takes time, so you want to retain your customers in that process. Each alert Janis sends contains a link. When your client clicks the link, Janis will create a Slack channel for your client and their customer. Your client simply types into the channel to pause AI and chat with their customers. You can access their chat transcripts to train AI to learn from those conversations.

🎓 Smarter Bots

Janis creates an AI Training Channel in Slack for each bot connected to Janis (say Train to Janis!). This enables your clients to be active participants in creating the voice of their brand and a persona for the bot without having to log into Dialogflow, or other bot maker tool in order to train AI.

Getting Started

There isn't one way to configure Janis for an agency business. In fact, we built Janis to adapt to different workflows, but if you're looking for a quick path to setting up an AI agency and make it both easy for you and your clients, follow these steps.

  • Get a workspace for your Agency

    If you don't have a Slack workspace for your agency, add Janis to a free Slack workspace. Chat with Janis and add all of your bot projects to Janis. Just say My Bots to Janis to access bots you've already connected, or to connect a new bot to Janis.

    Add Janis to an agency workspace

  • Get another workspace for you and your client to collaborate

    Now you'll want to create a new workspace. You can use the same email address. You're going to invite your client to the workspace and you can always transfer ownership of the workspace to your client. Remember, this is a workspace where both the agency team and the client team can meet and collaborate with each other.

    Add Janis to a shared workspace

  • Link a Bot to the shared workspace

    If you add all of your client's bots to Janis in your own private agency workspace, you can selectively link a bot to a shared space for you and your client to collaborate. This keeps you in control of the bot and Janis billing.

    Link a bot to the shared workspace

You don't need to add bots to the shared workspace. When you link a bot, all Janis Pro features from your agency workspace are automatically extended to other workspaces at no additional cost. You are sharing access to one bot and all features for managing the bot to another workspace.

How the Artificial Intelligence template works on Manychat

Note that If you want the shared workspace between you and your client to assume the billing role, then just say Add a bot to Janis in the shared workspace, and rather than link a bot, just connect a bot to Janis.

Slack makes it easy to simply toggle between workspaces, so you can run your AI Agency from your own private workspace, and click an icon to hop over to a workspace shared with your client.

How the Artificial Intelligence template works on Manychat

Slack is cross-platform too so you can jump between workspaces through a web browser, or using Slack’s mobile apps (Android and iOS). Everything stays in sync across platforms