Most problems you might encounter are common problems and we can help you resolve them. Check these FAQ. If you're still stuck after that, please check our other support options.

Here are other common reasons your Dialogflow connection isn't working:

  • Check to make sure you're using Janis in your Default Reply in Manychat. Go to your Manychat settings, then click Messenger, then click to edit the Default Reply. If you see a step that relays messages to a Janis then that is correct.
  • Check to make sure your Default Reply in Manychat is Enabled and set to fire Every Time (not once every 24 hours). Go to your Manychat settings, then click Messenger, then click to edit the default reply. When you edit the flow, you will see the controls at the top right of the screen.
  • Check the key you got from Janis and compare that with the Key in your Manychat Settings. If you're using the Janis App, go to Settings > Apps >
  • If you use keyword rules in Manychat, then messages will never hit your default reply and they will therefore never hit Dialogflow. Disable any keyword rules.
  • If you've used a Dialogflow connector other than Janis, it's likely creating conflcts with Janis. You only need one connector to Dialogflow. Remove the other one (Janis is all you need).
  • Make sure that you have a Default Fallback Intent in Dialogflow. Log into Dialogflow and look for a Default Fallback Intent in your list of Intents. click to open it and make sure that you have input.unknown in the Action field of the intent. Make sure you have a response. If you need to create a Fallback Intent because you don't see one in your your list of Intents, to the right of the blue Create Intent button are three dots. Click the three dots and select Create Fallback Intent to add one.
  • If your Dialogflow connection is working and you're still not getting a response from Dialogflow, then make sure you have a response in your Dialogflow Intent(s).

You can create multiple Dialogflow accounts with a different Google Login. If you sign-in to the Janis website (either using Google or Slack for authentication), you could be using a different Google Account associated with Dialogflow, so navigate to the Train AI tab, scroll down, and sign-in to a different Dialogflow account to swith the Dialogflow account connected to Janis.

You can connect Janis to a Facebook page to monitor your Manychat bot and help you fix problems fast, pause Dialogflow and take over live. If you don't see your Facebook page in the list when you want to connect Janis to Facebook, it's because you didn't give Janis full permissions to access your pages. You can follow these steps to fix the problem:

  • Click here
  • Find the Janis app and click view and edit
  • See if all pages are enabled for Janis. If not, then select all your pages to enable them so you can connect them to Janis. Scroll to Manage your Pages and if needed click the link to See all Pages as many are hidden from view. Make sure the checkbox is selected for each page.
  • Scroll to the other sections including `Show a list of the Pages you manage`. Do the same thing and make sure all of your pages are selected.
  • Return to Slack and try and connect again to a page, and you should see it in the list.